What we do

Linden Foods processes and manufactures top-quality beef, lamb, pork and chicken for branded and own label products. We have established an enviable reputation in recent years as an innovator, creating ground-breaking products for the retail and food service sectors.

Linden Foods develop trusted relationships with all our customers across the food sector. We are supported by a skilled development team, and a highly capable and flexible production team. We are well positioned to deal with all requirements.


We are rated as one of the premium suppliers of primals to the wholesale industry, with three decades of experience. We are proud of our wide and varied client base across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

We service the central meat packing industry with primal cuts of meat, and have the expertise and chill regimesfor extended life and tailored maturation. Our modern equipment and technology allow us to deliver the required customer specification of primal cuts, produced in one of the most up-to-date boning halls available.



Linden Foods’ retail packaging business has grown and developed through continued investment within retail facilities. We have the latest packaging and processing technology and supply products to the foods service sector and ready meal industry. We are making further improvements to service this rapidly developing sector of the business.



Innovation and customer service are key to new product development. We are constantly working on new concepts within a structured programme of innovation. This ensures that we maximise our market intelligence and our knowledge of products, ingredients, flavours, and food trends to drive new product development for the benefit of our customers.

Product Development

We have a strong new product development (NPD) team who work closely with our technical and sales departments. They develop market-focused product concepts that exceed the expectations of an increasingly complex group of customers. We are constantly looking at new ideas to add value for our customers, researching the marketplace to ensure we anticipate and meet consumer demands.

Added Value

We carry out ongoing sampling and sensory testing on current products, and those under development, from our bespoke development facilities. The skill, experience and passion of our NPD team has been celebrated in numerous awards.

product development

“Success in this area is reflected by the launch of many award-winning added-value lines for our customers. We have gained a reputation as a market leader for quality, excellence and innovation.”

Elaine Willis
Retail Director

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