Acting with integrity is a core value at Linden Foods. We strive to protect your brand, and safeguard all of our customers, now and in the future.

Linden Foods are committed to 100% DNA traceability of all every product processed within the Group. This enhanced traceability capability enables us to effectively monitor our beef supply chain.

Implementing Change….

In June 2013 Chris Elliott, from Queens University, was asked by the Secretaries of State for Environment, Health and Food and Rural Affairs to conduct a review into the integrity and assurance of food supply networks. They review reached a number of key conclusions, which Linden Foods fully support.

A chain of custody is a key requirement for all food manufacturers. The chain of custody is the unbroken path a product takes from the first stage in the supply chain to the end customer, including raw commodity materials. Linden Foods closely monitors our supply chain integrity though DNA testing.


Animal Welfare…

We are dedicated at all levels to the welfare of all animals processed through our factories. Linden Foods’ dedicated agriculture & welfare supply team work closely with customers and suppliers to ensure all higher welfare standards are met. We work closely with our supply base to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest industry and retailer codes of practice.

Farmer With Vet Examining Calf

Food Safety…

It is the policy of Linden Foods to ensure that the food products that we produce are safe, legal and of the quality specified by our customers. We will assure the safety of these products by the effective implementation of HACCP principles and monitoring of specified controls at each critical control point. Each control point has been identified through detailed hazard analysis and risk assessment of our raw materials.

The company is committed to a policy of on-going review, continual improvement and implementation of best practice to ensure that our food safety and quality assurance policies remain current and effective. It is only by the rigorous enforcement of this Food Safety & Quality Policy that we can be assured of our good reputation, due diligence and future trading relationships with our customers.


The Linden Food Group is committed to sourcing with integrity. We have committed to 100% DNA traceability of all beef slaughtered within the Group. This enhanced traceability capability enables us to effectively monitor our beef supply chains. Specification adherence is not only important to preserve brand integrity—it is a key requirement of achieving consistent product quality. This technology, DNA TraceBack®, is a scientifically proven traceability system. It enables meat processors, grocery retailers and food service businesses to accurately trace the exact source of meat products, from point of sale, through batch, right back to date of kill, maturation window and animal eligibility. We want to ensure that our supply chain is transparent and 100% traceable. Using DNA verification is a reliable way to achieve this.


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