Our Farmers

Linden Livestock of Linden Foods was established in early 2008 with the sole purpose of ensuring an adequate supply of livestock for the future.

Linden Livestock established a network of calf rearing units in Northern Ireland. We rear calves to 12 weeks of age, at which stage they move on to specialist beef producers for finishing. We use a number of different systems, although the majority are grass-based to meet Linden Foods retail customers’ carcass specifications. This integrated approach to beef farming creates opportunities for large and small scale beef producers who face an uncertain future.

Linden Livestock

Supply Chain

Our supply chain oversight begins on the farm. We ensure that all our beef and lamb meet the relevant Farm Quality Assurance (FQA) standards, but also the additional requirements of various retail codes of practice.

Our customers are conscious of food safety. They look for assurance that all their beef and lamb come from a sustainable, traceable supply with robust checks on animal welfare, nutritional standards and transport. We can assure all customers that Linden Foods’ red meat supply will meet all their standards.


We have close working relationships with our local farmers, going back many years. We have a unique understanding of the livestock they produce, and the farming production systems that they practice.

“Our procurement specialists purchase both cattle and lambs from over 2000 livestock farmers each year. Linden Foods works closely with our farmers to meet the growing demand from our wide range of food service and high street retail customers."

Keith Williamson
Supply Chain Manager

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