Linden Foods Ltd Group Tax Strategy

Linden Foods is an award winning meat manufacturer, with its headquarters located in Granville Industrial Estate, Dungannon (Northern Ireland). Jointly owned by Fane Valley and ABP Food Group, we process and manufacture top-quality beef, lamb, pork and chicken for branded and own label products.

We believe in giving our customers great service and value while making a wider contribution to the community in which our businesses operate, in part through the taxes that we pay. Below sets out the strategy for conducting our tax affairs and managing tax risk which will be reviewed annually.

Linden Food’s approach to managing tax risks

The Group has a policy of complying with all relevant laws, rules, regulations, reporting and disclosure requirements and to settle any tax liabilities as and when they become legally due. The Group seeks to ensure that its tax affairs are consistent with its core values, at all times.

Tax risk management is a key consideration of Linden Foods Ltd, with tax matters being proactively managed by the Group. This is achieved by having a clear internal governance framework, business controls and processes and receiving input from professional tax advisers.

The Finance Director has overall responsibility for the management of the Group’s tax affairs and has been appointed as the Senior Accounting Officer. The Finance Director is also supported by the Financial Controllers and Accountants across the Group.

Where there is uncertainty over the tax treatment in any aspect of the business, advice is obtained from external, professional tax advisors. The Group’s annual Corporation Tax computations and returns are also prepared by professional tax advisers and checked for accuracy and completeness by the Finance Director prior to their submission to HMRC. The Group has a policy of ensuring that all computations and returns are submitted within the relevant statutory deadlines.

The Board of Directors is consulted in respect of tax related matters when required, and any significant tax issues arising during the year are brought to the attention of the Board and resolved separately.

Linden Food’s attitude to tax planning and the level of acceptable risk

Linden Foods use external professional advisers to provide guidance on any tax policy changes or any tax planning. Ultimately the Board, in conjunction with the advice given, take responsibility for the Group’s tax planning initiatives.

Linden Food’s relationship with HMRC

We engage with HMRC openly and constructively, based on mutual trust and co-operative compliance. We feel this is the best way to ensure that we pay the right tax at the right time and to maintain a good working relationship. Where appropriate and possible we endeavour to engage with HMRC on a real time basis in any areas of material uncertainty, so as to minimise our tax risk and to provide greater certainty for both parties in advance of formal tax filings.

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