Linden Foods constantly strives to exceed industry quality standards. Our commitment to improving this area of the business can be seen throughout our investment in plant, equipment and skills training.

Linden Foods is a market leader in the red meat industry and has an enviable record on all the important issues related to meat processing. We helped to pioneer the NI Farm Quality Assurance Scheme and developed our own Select Herd Scheme to meet customer demand. Linden Foods’ management fully embraces strict regulation around all areas of animal welfare, environmental care and product safety.

Our Process

The animal's details are transferred via APHIS (Animal and Public Health Information System) upon intake to the Linden Primary production process.

APHIS delivers the following animal information:
· disease status of animal and herd
· Farm Quality Assurance (FQA) status
· animal details e.g. herd movement and residency period

A Linden identification number is allocated to all animals as they are processed through our Lairage. This unique ID number follows the product throughout the process.

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